I believe it is a privilege to be able to eat a balanced plant-based diet. I have access to wonderful greens, beans, quinoa, and more all year round here in Monterey County. Plant-based diets offer a sustainable, healthy, and economical option. I was surprised at how many body-builders and top athletes eat a plant-based diet, but what may have been the most shocking (at least to me) is that plant-based food tastes better.

This recipe is easy and has many variations (just search the web for “plant-based West African stew”). You can substitute rice for quinoa or another grain. The price is right at around $1.00 USD per serving. If your diet allows, you might pair it with some delicious local sourdough “seeded” bread from Ad Astra Bread Company in Seaside (pick-up available). The bread may break the budget, but is worth it if you need a little treat.

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Source: https://www.budgetbytes.com/african-peanut-stew-vegan/

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