On the day we’re allowed to play,

I will extend my hand and hike to horizon,

I will dance from bloom to bloom,

And love will feel real once again.


I will take the first flight to be with you.

I will hold your hand, pull you close…

dauntless, on fire.


Pajamas off and a lovely dress on,

we are ready to dance all night,

to bathe in sunshine and fresh air

that are selflessly granted.


To warm your bones as the last light

slips beneath the waves,

to observe pink blooms and green leaves

in their gorgeous display.


I will go to big cities–immerse myself in crowds,

and hug every stranger.


I will see the blossom along the seaside.

We will walk the beach

and gather shells and warm the beach.


a collaborative work by the participants of Prof Boucher’s SIP Poetry Workshop held April 17, 2020

Photo by Marie Boucher

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